Master Painters Australia – Victorian and Tasmania Awards for Excellence Winner – Decorative Finishes 2019

2018 had us part of the Ionic ‘Birdcage’ at Flemington Race course, following a succession of multi-award winning projects undertaken by Australians leading commercial designers ‘Mim Design’.

The Project
We were again invited to take on a bold concept design that required a variety of decorative paint finishes both internally and externally. The project was the prestigious TABCORP marquee, arguably the premier marquee at the Birdcage Flemington.  This big budget project has a tradition to continually raise the bar in design and elegance.

With more than 10 months of planning and engagement involving sample panels in delivering a variety of decorative finishes for approval needed for the meticulous overall concept.

The entire external painting involved a completely blended red acrylic that blends from the top all the way through to the bottom. This was achieved using eight individual shades that were airless sprayed with multiple spray units allowing us to maintain a wet edge between all the colour shades assisting all the colours to gradually blend through.

The internal finishes involved a liquid gold blend, again blending from light gold shades from the ceiling to dark at floor level.

We worked collaboratively with the designers to replicate a gilded gold leaf appearance for the prestigious foyer and staircase leading into the marquee. This theme was also applied to various wall and ceiling panels throughout the entire function room.

The liquid gold was blended using 6 individual shades from the raw base, utilising mutable air assisted airless and automatic agitated pressure pots primarily designed for inorganic zinc coatings. This process allowed us to maintain the metallic pigment to hold suspension throughout application. Following the application of the gold, we gently burnished the entire coating then finally applied a single pack high gloss clear with a subtle addition of pearlescent.

The remaining broad wall surfaces were painted in a navy blue low sheen acrylic supporting the gold panels and amazing floral arrangements. The majority of the blended reds and gold products were supplied by Porters Paints with the remaining products using both Wattyl and Solver Paints.

The Challenges
The single biggest challenge throughout the project was the ability to maintain the wet edge of all the external red walls and gold foyer that was hectic to say the least, our whole team felt the pressure on minimising overspray, consistent overlay of colour and the speed required to maintain that ever important wet edge eliminating a dry spray finish that leaves an ugly furry, dusty like texture.

The Result
This was one jobs that you just stand back, stare at the completed works and say to each ‘how did we get through that’?  The entire marquee was stunning and we are extremely proud to be a successful part of this grand display.  The Tabcorp Marquee featured on many TV networks, had a massive social media presence and was highly acclaimed throughout the Spring Carnival.

The Regret
To spend more than half a year in planning, weeks on the job, stress on delivering the requested outcome and  celebrating the success on completion, is to have the entire marquee demolished on the completion of the spring racing carnival week was heartbreaking.

It was an absolute privilege to be invited and work with the multi-award winning team at MIM Designs.





Alinta Energy

The Project
Exhaust Stack number 2 refurbishment Abrasive blast cleaning and surface preparation following removal of insulation prior replating. Complete coating removal and surface preparation followed by application of selected protective coatings.

The Challenge
To conduct a full coating removal by abrasive blasting with a high emphasis on surface preparation to heavily pitted corrosion. These areas included the lowest section of the stack at base level following insulation removal due to constant moisture entrapment and also from the mid stack joining flange perimeter, due to long term exposure from internal leaking. Works to be engaged with a high priority of surrounding sensitivity in the regards to hazardous dust contamination to both critical asset protect and coinciding work fronts in close proximity during the scheduled outage. The ability to coordinate scheduled work fronts with minimal impacts to critical time constraints

The Procedure
To have a suitably erected scaffolding system with surrounding encapsulation of a flame retardant reinforced barrier. Followed by the installation of a complete ground cover of GEO fabric to contain wastage and debris. Enabling fast and effective removal of all spent media including contaminated media by removed paint residue. The project was conducted in two stages with the first being surface preparation prior replating following insulation removal at base level. Reengagement of equipment and procedure on completion of installation of pre basted and painted panels that were completed off site. Blast all welds and defects to standard and recoat rectified areas prior full final coating. Second stage – Mobilisation of two of our ‘Ecopro’ Environmental Dustless Abrasive Blasting Units’ for the convenience of continual operation , of plant and rotation of operators. Enabling seamless productive outcome.

The Method
Our ‘Ecopro Abrasive Dustless Blasting Units’ are cutting edge innovation within the abrasive blasting and Protective Coating Industry. This system combines the simplicity of conventional grit blasting with the effectiveness of ultra high pressure jetting without the associated hazards and complications. They remove a range of coatings, corrosion and residues leaving surfaces clean and profiled and contaminant free in seconds. The blast media is coated in a water jacket by surface tension , which increases the speed and mass enhancing the force of impact upon the blast surface. The blast media hits the surface, the water jacket continues moving by sill holds onto the blast media by surface tension. The water jacket hits the surface and prevents any grit bounce. The water jackets snaps around the blast media into the crack under the blast surface and hydrostatically blasts a larger amount of surface coating away. The end results is a profiled surface, feathered edges and the most efficient use of the least amount of blast media and water.

The Result
Complete dust free operation using approximately one litre of water per minute. Less than half the amount of media needed as opposed to traditional sandblasting. Therefore resulting in less than half the amount of waste disposal. Using completely non hazardous inert natural blasting media, EPA compliant. It is 21 decibels quieter than traditional dry blasting and completely chemical free degreasing, etching and cleaning. With the addition of using fully demineralised water that is available via our mobile reverse osmosis treatment plant, we have the ability to deliver a completely contaminant free surface with zero salts, chlorides or heavy minerals. This leaves the most optimal surface profile and cleanliness and prepares and profiles to SA 2 ½, HB 2 ½ , SB 2 ½, NACE VIS 9, WAB 6/10. This delivers a more flexible extended operational time due to less gingering. The coatings applied in accordance to the specifications was an inorganic zinc coating system that was fully double stripe coated to the entire surface due to the heavy pitting and localized corrosion.

Key Safety Benefits
The system offers the highest level of international safety standards set by world leading oil and petrochemical companies. Zone 1 approved, Ex rated, Baseefa accredited, TuV, ATEX and NORSOK compliant. Operator Health & Safety improvements include the following : Low operator fatigue due to the unnecessary usage of heavy, uncomfortable respiratory and cooling equipment. Greatly reduced rebound of media as a result of moisture suppression with a massive reduction of operator impact. Water suppression of noise to approx 90 decibels – 21 decibels quieter than traditional dry blasting. No adverse operator heat stress

With the ability to conduct the works within the procedure and methods provided, we were able to re-instate the work front and surrounding areas with a highest standard level of cleanliness. By reducing the initial consumption of blast media by more than 50% and the ability to continually keep it moist ,without the complications of air pollution and dust control. Rinsing down all surfaces including scaffolding to base level enables the most effective procedure of catchment without additional impact of dust contaminants usually associated with scaffolding removal. All debris to be localized and contained at base level within the GEO fabric blanket that supports effective removal of all wastage for offsite disposal. Positive feedback from other outage contractors engaged within the working surrounding areas complimented on the cleanliness of the site with no dust issues plus the welcomed quieter operation.




Cafe AU79  Winner of MPA for Decorative Finishes Award

Following the successful completion of a multi award winning project (proudly including our MPAV Decorative Finishes Award 2016) we paired again with Emma Mahlook of top designers, MIM design, to complete a customized painting project with special effects in-line with a creative design concept.

The project was to deliver creative and artistic murals throughout one of Melbourne's refurbished buildings.
Supporting the artwork was the complete restoration of all the original surfaces plus the additional painting of the new fit out and newly constructed renovations.

This project transformed a 1950’s mechanic’s workshop into arguably one of Melbourne's premier cafés. The completion of the project within our scope was only a few months following last year’s awards. Since opening, the Café has used its huge social media following to showcase our painted artwork as the backdrop for Myers ambassador, Jennifer Hawkins and other celebrities throughout the Spring Carnival.

We are extremely appreciative of MIM Design for the opportunity to deliver traditional hand painted artwork in various locations that we were able to blend and modify the original water colour concept sample.  Furthermore, we thank Emma for promoting custom hand painted images instead of the more commonly used digital imagery.

Our biggest challenge was significant time and detail required for hand painting the detailed outlining of the murals, all on uneven surfaces such as the painted brick walls and also the panel lining boards.
Additional painting works worth mentioning are the original brown oil stained exposed timber trusses were we applied a washed effect using acrylic blends to replicate a naturally weathered grey timber appearance and the external outlined artwork that wraps around the brickwork corner of the building. Furthermore, when Electrostatic spraying the satin black of all the new structural steelwork to the atrium inspired function dining room.
We had used both Solver and Wattyl’s range of premium acrylic finishes to all of the walls, ceilings, club seating and artwork that was specified by the MIM Designs with a recommendation for durable lower sheen finishes supporting the extensive high-quality level of photography used for their social media presence.

It has been an absolute privilege to be invited and work with the multi-award winning team at MIM Designs. Emma worked collaboratively with my whole team, therefore ensuring that the project was completed with the highest expectation, confidently allowing our team of tradesmen to openly express our creativity and display traditional means of decorative hand painting, a feature part of entire project.



Sub Zero Wolf – Collins St Melbourne

Initially invited in early 2015 to assist associate and project leader Emma Mahlook from the multi award winning interior design group MIM design. To undertake a challenging customised painting project with special effects in-line with a ambitious design concept.

The project was to deliver a first class unique customized painting effect. Plus prestigious specialized coating finishes for the new Multiplex show room. The entire ground floor show casing arguably the worlds best kitchen appliances from Sub-Zero and Wolf at Melbourne's iconic Bank Place heritage building with cutting edge design.

The concept for the burnt-distressed effect was always going to be challenging. With countless man-hours of detailed manual labour, undertaken by the Strini Industries team of tradesman to deliver on the inspiration from Emma.

The overall finished result far exceeded all expectation and has given the entire ground floor showroom an awe inspiring 'WOW' factor admired by all.

Complementing the ceiling effects was also the detailing of the original sprinkler system with a traditional bright red painted finish plus brass enamel to associated fittings.

The remaining coatings to all the walls within the showroom are a luxurious polished plaster finished surface that displays an elegant standard of prestige.

The opportunity for us to be invited to deliver our services within this highly profiled project by a multi award winning designer to have the faith in our team of highly skilled tradesman to openly express our creativity and display our craftsmanship was an absolute privilege.

Our experience and Innovative approach towards the commercial painting industry has given us the skills and knowledge for site specific problem solving within environmental and health and safety sensitive projects.



  • ISO9001:2015
  • REG: 50000046
  • MPA 3307
  • QBSA 1231861
  • NACE Level 2 CIP 53101 Accredited
  • Green Painters Australia REG ACS 0002528
  • Enviro Painter 1136


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