Innovation as a result of motivation

This is the core value that our second generation family business has adopted from very humble beginnings to today. Complacency is not an option as we continually invest in new technology, persist in research and migrate past experiences that promote a far superior and proven method of delivery for a service that has generally been categorised as dirty and dangerous.

Our zero harm and lost time record stands testament to the Health and Safety culture within our team, whilst also respecting the significant ecological impact which our environment is constantly exposed to from industry.

As a preferred and referred contractor to State, Federal and local Government Departments,
including subsidiary private consultants, engineers and project management contractors, our customers have the added confidence of knowing they are engaging with a business which holds a nationally recognised accreditation in sustainable painting and coating practices.

Environmental sustainable coating practices have become a priority and strong core focus for our company with Nationally recognized accreditation in sustainable painting practices and continually investing in research and development with ongoing field testing of low VOC Water Bourne epoxy and single part alternatives.

This persistence has enabled us to uniquely offer a high level performance coating option with the migration of environmental and health impact levels that far less exceed that of industry standards. Significant ecological and health and safety impacts can be jointly improved on with our consultation service advising of alternative environmental options for site specific coatings projects. Adopting improvements in product specification and application procedures complying with policy guidelines.


REG: 50000046
MPA 3307
QBSA 1231861
NACE Level 2 CIP 53101
Green Painters Australia REG ACS 0002528
Enviro Painter 1136


  • ISO9001:2015
  • REG: 50000046
  • MPA 3307
  • QBSA 1231861
  • NACE Level 2 CIP 53101 Accredited
  • Green Painters Australia REG ACS 0002528
  • Enviro Painter 1136


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