Blasting Method

The foundation of this patented system combines the simplicity of conventional grit blasting with the effectiveness of high water pressure (UHP) jetting without the associated hazards and complications. Delivering a removal system of coatings, corrosion and residues leaving surfaces clean profiled and contaminant free in seconds.



There is simply no competitor that can deliver the customer confidence of commissioning the most environmentally effective system with patent pending worldwide. Responsibly having the least environmental impact known available.
• Complete dust free operation
• Using approximately one litre of water per minute
• Less than half the amount of media needed
• Less than half the amount of waste disposal
• The options of using completely non hazardous natural blasting media, EPA compliant
• 21 decibels quieter than traditional dry blasting
• Completely chemical free degreasing, etching and cleaning


The system offers the highest level of international safety standards set by world leading oil and petrochemical companies. Zone 1 approved, Ex rated, Baseefa accredited, TuV, ATEX and NORSOK compliant.
Operator Health & Safety improvements include the following :
• Low operator fatigue due to the unnecessary usage of heavy, uncomfortable respiratory and cooling equipment.
• Greatly reduced rebound of media as a result of moisture suppression with massive reduction of operator impact.
• Water suppression of noise approx 90 decibels – 21 decibels quieter than traditional dryblasting.
• No adverse operator heat stress


• No need for additional equipment set-up charges
• Less than half the amount of consumables
• Less than half the amount of waste removal & disposal costs
• No need for expensive dust encapsulation
• Completely mobile and operational with minimal set-up time
• Using potable or recycled water
• All weather ability – zero down time
• Faster, more effective and highly productive

Key Benefits

Removes more soluble salts and chlorides than dry blasting
• Prepares and profiles to SA 2 ½, HB 2 ½ , SB 2 ½, NACE VIS 9, WAB 6/10
• Less Gingering than with a dry blaster

Infrastructure Applications

Fast and effective white line removal; removal of permanent & temporary thermoplastic coatings; temporary road marking tapes; road marking paints including resins, epoxies & chlorinated rubbers.
The system exceeds all previous thermoplastic removal methods, as there is no dust, no smoke, no scars and no scorching of all the road surface.

Performing both delicate precision controlled operations involving removing one coat of paint at a ime from surfaces for repainting programs or graffiti removal through to heavier more demanding applications of cutting through concrete for repairs, etching, inspection of steel infrastructure purposes.

Marine Applications

Chemical free etching for slip hazard profiling of concrete, timber and composite of marine infrastructure. Dust free coating removals for programmed maintenance applications for slip yard and dry dock facilities.

General Applications

Pipe maintenance and inspection
• Emergency spill response
• Heavy Plant and machinery blasting
• Tank and water storage Blasting
• Environmentally sensitive blasting applications
• Remote area projects
• Graffiti Removal



  • ISO9001:2015
  • REG: 50000046
  • MPA 3307
  • QBSA 1231861
  • NACE Level 2 CIP 53101 Accredited
  • Green Painters Australia REG ACS 0002528
  • Enviro Painter 1136


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